With ProTech Fire’s fire pump testing method, you can save money, reduce water consumption and gain more accurate readings.

The traditional method of measuring fire pump flow rates with pitot readings requires water discharge at high velocity—which wastes water resources, poses risk to personnel and property, and allows for significant margins of error (15% or greater). We have developed a better way to conduct a fire pump test.

Using turbine type flow sensors, computerized data collection and flow accumulation devices, our test unit eliminates the need for high velocity discharge streams. Fire pump testing is conducted with a safe, environmentally friendly low velocity discharge that can be conducted during normal business hours without disruption to site activities.

  • Safe, low velocity discharge water streams reduces risk to personnel and property
  • Environmentally conscious design uses 50% less water while increasing flow accuracy
  • No disruption of site activities during testing eliminates loss due to downtime
  • Multi-tiered savings through competitive service cost, decreased water usage, and lowered risk

For more information on environmental conscious testing, contact one of our fire pump inspection professionals.