As a fully licensed contractor with the State of Georgia Fire Commissioner’s Office with 15 years of experience, ProTech Fire performs expert installation for a wide variety of systems including:

  • Fire Pumps and Water Storage Tanks
  • Wet Systems
  • Dry Systems
  • Pre-action Systems
  • Deluge Systems
  • ESFR Systems
  • Refrigerator and Subzero Freezer Systems
  • Standpipes
  • Underground Private Services Fire Mains and Hydrants
  • Backflow Preventers
  • Foam Systems

Diverse Experience

In addition to these various system types, ProTech Fire has worked and can provide installation services for all sector types including:

  • Industrial
  • Data Centers
  • Hangars
  • High-Piled Storage Facilities
  • Commercial Offices
  • Manufacturing
  • Military Bases
  • Hospitality
  • Historical Preservation
  • Residential

Our diverse experience is matched only by our high level of professionalism, competitive pricing and attention to detail. We strive to deliver complete customer satisfaction by focusing on delivering a reliable system at an affordable price and backing it with fast, dependable service.