ProTech Fire Launches Responsive Website

ProTech Fire recently launched a responsive website to better serve the needs of our on-the-go customers. The site, which details our services, system types and testing procedures, also provides access to our customer portal. The responsive design makes access from all mobile devices much more intuitive. We invite you to spend a few minutes and check out the new site!

Resource Saving Approach to Fire Pump Testing

With ProTech Fire's fire pump testing method, you can save money, reduce water consumption and gain more accurate readings. The traditional method of measuring fire pump flow rates with pitot readings requires water discharge at high velocity—which wastes water resources, poses risk to personnel and property, and allows for significant margins of error (15% or greater). We have developed a better way to conduct a fire pump test. Using turbine type flow sensors, computerized data collection and flow accumulation devices, our test unit eliminates the need for high velocity discharge streams. Fire pump testing is conducted with a safe, environmentally friendly low velocity discharge that can be conducted during normal business hours without disruption to site activities.
  • Safe, low velocity discharge water streams reduces risk to personnel and property
  • Environmentally conscious design uses 50% less water while increasing flow accuracy
  • No disruption of site activities during testing eliminates loss due to downtime
  • Multi-tiered savings through competitive service cost, decreased water usage, and lowered risk
For more information on environmental conscious testing, contact one of our fire pump inspection professionals.

ProTech Corporate Office has Expanded

Due to the continued success of the company and the subsequent personnel growth, ProTech Fire has expanded their corporate offices. ProTech now occupies additional space at the Interstate Ridge office park. “The expansion has been driven by the addition of Kevin Johnson as General Manager and additional service personnel,” said Vice President, Paul Johnson. “We invite all our customers to come visit and see the new space.”

Kevin Johnson Joins ProTech Fire as General Manager

Kevin Johnson has returned to ProTech Fire as General Manger.  Johnson started his career as an inspector with ProTech Fire following his graduation from Southern Polytechnic State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. His degree, combined with his Certificate of Fire Protection Engineering from Worchester Polytechnic Institute and his background in construction management and well as fire protection engineering makes Johnson a valuable team member at ProTech. As an inspector, Johnson worked daily with pre-action valves, fire pumps, dry valves, deluge valves and all system types. He went on to spend nearly five years in Fire Protection Engineering with Harrington Group where he was responsible for performing standard fire protection design tasks, including sprinkler protection layout, pipe sizing, hydraulic calculations, fire pump selection, and fire alarm system layouts. He also has considerable experience in reviewing automatic fire sprinkler and fire alarm contractor shop drawings; performing field surveys, fire protection system inspections, and acceptance testing; and reviewing A/E drawings for conformance with NFPA standards and local codes. Following his time at the Harrington Group, Johnson spent time with Holder Construction as a MEP Coordinator where he was responsible for the daily management of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and controls. During his tenure, he worked on two data centers in Salt Lake City, Utah totaling $108 million. Johnson is eager to contribute to the continued success and growth of ProTech Fire.

ProTech Adopts BIM to Maximize Efficiency

In recent months, ProTech Fire has adopted the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in multiple projects. BIM is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure. ProTech Fire has used 3D modeling to coordinate effectively with other trades in highly congested areas such as CUPs (Central Utility Plants).  “Without this highly valuable tool, these projects would have taken three times the amount of time to complete due to the amount of field coordination that would be required,” said ProTech Vice President, Paul Johnson. “We look forward to the continued success with BIM and the other trade partners.” ProTech Fire has also recently purchased a Glu 360 license to give installers the ability to view models on an iPad while in the field, ensuring planning and coordination can be maximized.

Georgia Water-Saving Legislature Passed

In what lawmakers call a proactive effort to show Florida and Alabama that Georgia is trying to conserve water, the House and Senate passed two water conservation bills. Introduced by Governor Perdue, the bills incentivize and encourage water conservation, and require any new residential or commercial building built after June 2012 to have water-efficient plumbing fixtures and restrict landscape watering. If approved, leak-detection programs and annual water loss audits of water are likely to be implemented by municipal water suppliers. The Senate unanimously passed the bill and the House passed the bill with a 166-5 vote. One version of the legislation must receive the approval of both chambers before it heads to the governor's desk for his signature.