Pump Test

ProTech Fire provides testing and inspection of fire pumps to ensure performance and water supply availability that leverages a safe, water-saving technology that makes testing much more environmentally friendly. Our pump tests offer number advantages, including:

  • Safe, low velocity discharge water streams
  • Greater flow accuracy
  • No disruption of site activities during testing
  • Less hose lines used
  • Lower water usage
  • Less time and lower cost

Why do I need a pump test? 

Inspection and testing of fire pumps is required to ensure the pump is still operating at the listed rating.  A flow test is conducted to compare the test flow against the original curve and rating of the fire pump.  An adequate test confirms there are no issues with the pump and that the water supply has not degraded and is still sufficient. Our inspection services are offered monthly, quarterly and annually.

Our Advanced Testing Method

Typical fire pump tests require the use of pitot with water being discharged at high pressure. At ProTech Fire, we knew there was a better way. Our environmentally consensus testing kit not only reduces the amount of water necessary during a test, but also contains the high rate of flow and pressure via hoses and diffusers. Set-up time is greatly reduced for our test, and the amount of discharge hoses can generally be reduced by one half compared with the older pitot concept.

Old method of pump testing
New method for pump tests

Improved Results 

Pump tests using the ProTech method are extremely accurate. Flows of 80 GPM to 1,000 GPM per 2 1/2 inch hose line are recorded with an accuracy of 1%. A computerized summing module calculates flow from all discharge streams, so no balancing of pressure between discharge hoses is necessary. Flow readings are obtained instantly and visibility display in digital readout, eliminating user error.

At the conclusion of our fire pump flow test, the actual number of gallons of water discharged is displayed and recorded, which is impossible to do with any other testing method.

In addition to testing, we also offer other pump services, such as:

  • Monthly and Weekly Pump Runs
  • Training Services
  • Pump analysis and diagnosis
  • Pump Repairs and Corrections

    Special equipment allows testing anywhere