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Safety First. Quality Service Always.

ProTech Fire is a top Georgia provider of comprehensive fire protection services, but it is our unique approach that combines performance and conservation with an unwavering dedication to quality service that truly sets us apart from the competition.

Our Services

As a Georgia fire protection company, ProTech Fire performs a variety of mandatory services, including checking, testing and inspecting your foam and water protection equipment, while conserving resources when possible and utilizing environmentally friendly products when discharge is necessary.

Water Services

Save water and avoid disruptions with our comprehensive water services for pumps, sprinklers and hydrants.

Foam Services

Maintaining your foam and additive fire suppression or vapor mitigation systems without negatively impacting the environment is possible.

Onsite Training

Certified professional provide the rigorous initial and on-going training necessary to support your fire protection systems.

FM Global was on-site today, and the engineer signed off on the system.  He said it seemed like we had found a reputable contractor and that everything looked really good."

Debbie Ballard

EHS Manager, Kautex Textron
Thank you very much! We feel the same way about all of you at Protech! It was very easy to understand why you have the word “Pro” in your name!"


Yesterday we received our CO from the City of Atlanta.  Integrated testing is complete and we are down to only a few items on the punch list.  We would like to thank everyone for all of your hard work and dedication over the past 5 months to complete this project.   You have built out 70,000 SF of white space, deployed 192 pieces of equipment, and commission all systems 3 months ahead of the original project schedule.  We also laid the ground work for new ways to approach controls, the commissioning process, and planning of the project. Congratulations on a job well done."

Sam Holt

Superintendent, JE Dunn Construction

Going Green

A New Approach to Fire Protection

Maintain compliance and uphold stringent safety standards while conserving resources.

Our Clients

Countless Georgia companies have discovered the reliable, environmentally friendly professionals of ProTech Fire.