Unique Fire Protection Services

ProTech Fire is a top southeast provider of comprehensive fire protection services. Our unique approach, which combines performance and conservation, truly sets us apart from the competition.

The ProTech Fire environmental model allows us to perform a variety of mandatory services, including testing and inspecting your foam and water protection equipment, while conserving resources when possible using various technologies, from our custom built fire pump testing equipment to our environmentally Factory Mutual Approved foam system testing.

Water Services

ProTech Fire provides comprehensive water services including fire sprinkler services for wet, dry and deluge systems, fire pump services, consulting and more.

Foam Services

We provide complete foam system inspection and testing employing all the new techniques and services including testing with a Factory Mutual approved testing liquid.

Onsite Training

ProTech Fire provides all customers with on-site, hands-on training to insure all employees are familiar with their systems.

ProTech Fire also provides the rigorous initial and on-going training necessary to support these specialized services as well as the ongoing testing and annual certification requirements.

Maintaining your foam and additive fire suppression or vapor mitigation systems without negatively impacting the environment is possible with ProTech Fire Inc. Contact us today to learn more.

Note: While water services are available in Georgia, Alabama, and South Carolina, foam services are provided throughout the entire USA and abroad.