Large Church 13-R Pump Protection System

Located at the San Jose International Airport in Costa Rica, the Coopesa Service Hanger had been operating without a fire protection system for some time. Since the hanger worked on U.S. planes, the FAA mandated that their facility be updated with adequate fire protection in order for them to keep their service contracts.

Working through a local contractor, personnel at Coopesa purchased and installed a Viking high expansion foam system. However, no in-country vendors could commission it. As a preferred vendor of Viking Fire Sprinklers, ProTech Fire was selected to complete the job.

With a large audience consisting of dignitaries, San Jose Airport personnel and the San Jose Fire Department, ProTech Fire performed the initial fill, start-up, certification and testing of one of the first Automatic High Expansion Foam Systems in the country.

  • Project Title : High Expansion Foam System Testing
  • Project Location : San Jose, Costa Rica